Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Carole will tell you. I recycle. When the City of Wheaton announced that they were going to try recycling in certain neighborhoods, I called and wrote letters to the mayor and my representative asking that my neighborhood be chosen. The idea that I could not recycle my paper or certain plastics to reduce my refuse stream bothered me. There were times when I would recycle something accidentally, like the form to renew license plates which had to have been tucked inside something else. I used to have a stack of all sizes of boxes in the basement. We could ship or wrap just about anything because there was box the right size in the basement.

While I am still fanatical about recycling, indeed, I bring home the paper, plastic, bottles and cans from the office because we don't have recycling in our building, I don't save boxes anymore. We get enough stuff shipped to the office in varying sized boxes that I don't need to save 'elventy-twelve' different sizes. So, as I find them, I'm tossing them in the recycling container.

Except this one.

This is the box which contained the cocoa and peanut M&M's from Daniel in payment of the Orange Bowl bet. This box has been commandeered by the cats. Both of them use it. It is perfectly cat size and both of them love to lie down in it. That brightly colored item in the box is a 'mouse' missing its tail. Rascal loved to toss these things by their tail and that was always the first part to disintegrate. Mija and Pilchard love to chase it around the box.

When I come home or they are in a particularly playful mood, one of them runs and jumps into the box to sit and then lie down.

So, long after the M&M's and the hot cocoa are gone, I will have the box. As I said in an earlier post, it's a good box, a sturdy box. It's going to last for a very long time.

Beverage: Ginger Ale


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