Monday, March 8, 2010

Mmmm mmmmm good and it's not soup.

I like cookbooks. I like to page through them when I have ingredients, looking for something I've never tried or an old chestnut I haven't made in ages.

I took chicken breasts out of the freezer not completely sure what I was going to make. I went through my recipe boxes and found Asian Garlic Chicken which sounded pretty good. I assembled all the ingredients the day before I would make this but when the time arrived to actually cook the chicken, Asian Garlic Chicken wasn't what I thought I wanted. In fact, none of the recipes in the box under the "Poultry" section appealed to me. I have thawed chicken breasts. I need to cook them. I can't be tossing food out.

So, I turned to my cookbook shelf. I did a scan of the shelves (yes I have multiple shelves of cookbooks) and the few stacked on top of the bookshelf and I spied this one. I don't remember where I got it, just as I don't remember where I got 90% of my cookbooks. There have got to be recipes for cooking chicken on the pages.

"Oven Fried Chicken with Honey Lemon Sauce". Serve this with rice and frozen veggies and it was incredible. I used up all my honey in the process so I can't make any more honey cornmeal muffins. That's okay because I'm nearly out of cornmeal, too.

Last night, I made "Fish Fillets with Curried Rice" from a recipe I've had for years. That made enough for 3 more meals. Plus there was extra rice. Now, I'd cooked up 4 chicken breasts but only had enough rice for two. Add a chicken breast to the extra curried rice and viola, lunch today. I still have one chicken breast to eat but I'm thinking it would make a very good sandwich. I just need to get some lettuce and fries.

It's nice when it all comes together. I'm good until probably Thursday with supper and lunch. That gives me time to do some grocery shopping.

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