Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This vexes me - #5.

See this? Resealable my...... I can use that word. Ladies don't use words like that. I was almost out of rice so I bought a medium-sized bag last Friday. I keep my rice on the counter in a glass container which can be made airtight. That way, it's easy to access. I find rice easy to cook and I can add so many things to it that it's a great side dish.

First problem. "Pull to Open" doesn't. I don't know how they sealed it, but even with perforations, I couldn't get the top to pull open. So, I took the scissors and cut by the perforations, exposing the part you're supposed to be able to reseal. HA!

Second problem. Opening up the bag along the "Pull to Open" exposes a seal that won't open. Seriously. Even Zip Locs seals open easier than whatever they put in the top of this bag. I remember the commercials for the initial announcement of the "zip loc" technology. People filled those bags with all sorts of stuff from liquid to dry, closed them and turned them upside down. "See? It doesn't leak." While you can still get cheap sandwich bags that have the "tuck in, fold over" technology, imagine if that's all that was available. That's what it used to be like. We take for granted that we can squeeze shut the tops of our plastic bags.

Third problem. I try and try to pull the two halves apart and one small spot gives. It's NOT where the squeeze shut apparatus is located. I've just made a hole in the bag itself. This has now defeated the purpose of a resealable top.

Fine. I get the scissors and cut open the top, pour as much as I need into the container and then, gasp, use an old-fashioned rubber band to secure the top of the bag. I have now implemented my own resealable top.

Not everything needs this kind of technology. I would submit that rice does not. In looking at the bags at the store, the size bigger and smaller than this did not have this resealing feature. If you're going smaller, it must be guessed that you will either secure it yourself or use it right away. If you're going large, you probably have a container into which it goes AND you'll be securing the bag yourself when you're done. It's just this size, roughly 8-10 pounds.

The bag is up on the shelf next to the couscous which is, ironically, in a zip loc bag.

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