Monday, October 8, 2012

Pam's Voice

Having to walk into a fabric store or a craft store that sells fabric is an exercise in the utmost restraint. I usually fail the test. It was terribly hard on Sunday, too, to walk into JoAnn Fabrics to purchase the pieces to make spiders for the front. So...many...fabrics. So many things I could sew.

As if to taunt me, the printed fleece was on an end, right by where I would walk to get to the styrofoam balls. They had a huge selection of professional teams from baseball, football, basketball and hockey. There weren't a lot of college teams represented, but, oh dear, three bolts of Iowa Hawkeyes and each one is different. No. No. Must not be tempted. I'll just walk around the corner here and ...

crap. Will you look at that.

Last year, when I was going to make Carole and David camp shirts, I went to a very large JoAnn Fabrics for material. I knew I had seen Pittsburgh Steelers fabric and they are David's favorite pro team. I thought it would be a big hit to make him a camp shirt in Steelers fabric. The large JoAnn store, while having almost everything under the sun, did not have any fabric with the Steelers logo on it, nothing, zero, zip, zilch. I didn't come to this store, even though it's closer to me, mainly because the road to the shopping center where the store is located is under destruction and getting here is a headache and a half. I settled for the fire print, which turned out really cool. I should have come here. I'd have found exactly what I wanted.

There's an interesting connection between the Hawkeyes and the Steelers. This, from Wikipedia:
In 1979, Hayden Fry helped to create the Tiger hawk, the logo seen on Iowa's football helmets. Since both teams shared the colors of black and gold, Fry gained permission from the Pittsburgh Steelers, the dominant NFL program of the 1970s, to overhaul Iowa’s uniforms in the Steelers’ image. Fry's idea was that if the team were going to act like winners, they first needed to dress like winners. Fry had originally asked Steelers Defensive Tackle "Mean" Joe Greene for a replica helmet and home jersey; Greene was able to send Fry to one of the team owners, and three days later, the owners sent Fry reproduction copies of the home and away uniform of Steeler Quarterback Terry Bradshaw, making Iowa one of only a few schools to use the uniform scheme of an NFL team. Although the uniforms appear the same, there are subtle differences, mainly in the scheme of the white away jerseys, the Steeler jerseys have the players names in yellow, while the Hawkeyes use black.
So, here I stand in the aisle, taking a photo and thinking of getting enough material to make myself a shirt or, perhaps, actually making David the shirt I wanted to make last year. Then, out of the blue, comes a voice in my head. I know this voice. It's Pam. "No, you're here to get those things on your list to make spiders. You can't buy anything else. Besides, what's in that box in the closet?" Ah yes, the box in the closet.

I have two pieces of fleece that I haven't done anything with. Guess that settles that. Now where are the styrofoam balls?

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