Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm not sure this was really necessary, but have you seen these?

These are Kraft's new marshmallows. They are flat and square, the better to fit s'mores.

When I was buying a bag of marshmallows to make s'mores, these were cheaper than regular large marshmallows. It grabbed them, not giving a care what they looked like. It wasn't until I actually set out to make s'mores in the microwave about a week later that I noticed the odd shape and then read the package.

How do they work? Well, they are okay. For me, half the fun in making a microwave s'more is watching the marshmallow puff up and then shrink down. I'm not sure these get as gooey inside as the other, bigger, kind. I know big marshmallows tend to be less expensive than the miniature ones and I have, in the past, purchased the big ones and cut them down for recipes. These square ones will be much easier to cut if their price stays as low as it was. I tend to think this will be a niche market that won't last beyond a couple years.

Still, they were fun to use. These would not work, I don't think, on the end of a stick held in fire. Mmmmm. That's the best way to make s'more, over an open fire on a crisp autumn evening with friends or family and the inevitable discussion. Which is better, a lightly browned marshmallow or a charred one?

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