Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Technically, it's been Christmas all year in that I started back in January to make things for people for Christmas this year. I might not get the last project, which I started over Labor Day weekend, but which hasn't really called to me since then, done. It's supposed to be a delightful weekend upcoming, possibly the last one until April of next year, and I believe I should be outside, sitting on the deck, enjoying it. I think that's an acceptable use of my time. Therefore, I'll be working on the cross-stitch this weekend. Maybe I will get it done. Who knows. The person to whom it would go is not expecting anything like that, heck, not expecting anything really, so he or she will be surprised if I do get it done.

But now is the time that I assess the finances and look for those items to fill in around what I already have. We exchange "gifts" at the office Christmas party every year. Sometimes, they are very useful gifts, like the gift certificates to Best Buy that we got one year. I used it to buy that converter box we needed to have for our TVs. Most of the time, it's something silly or something interesting that doesn't cost a lot. Last year, I made those ornaments and everyone got one.

I was looking for a drinking bird. Yes, there's an upcoming blog post involving the drinking bird. I didn't have one and I needed one. You know what that is even if you don't recognize the name. On the web site where I found the bird, I found this. Score! This is perfect for the guys for Christmas. They were cheap and, although they are plastic wrapped, there was a faint bacon odor.

I ordered a few more items for other people too and the order came in a very nice box.

Yes, perfectly (or is that purr-fectly) Pilchard size. All I had to do was drop the box on the floor and she claimed it, immediately. This is a nice box and it is the proper size to ship one of the cross-stitches I made earlier this year. I like being done by Thanksgiving with all my shopping or having only a handful of people left to finish. We'll see how that goes. 70 days left before Christmas? Something like that?

And no worries about tipping off the guys to what they are getting. None of them read my blog. 

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