Monday, October 22, 2012

The End of the Season

The end of days spent outside is rapidly approaching. The deck has gone from this
to this
It was time to clean things up and put things away for the season.

I couldn't have asked for a better day, really. The bright, warm sunshine made working on the deck comfortable. In fact, I changed to a tee shirt and shorts once I got started because it was nearly 70.

First to go were the chairs and the table. The more I thought about the upcoming week, which is supposed to be 70's during the day and upper 50's-60's at night, the more I thought that being able to sit on the deck when I get home isn't such a bad thing. So, I only put away left chair and the table. The weather is to take a turn by this coming weekend and then I can put the chair away. I made sure that area of the storage bin is clear.

The geraniums have been in the kitchen for a couple weeks now. We are to get rain, late season warm rains and it's good for them to soak in this last bit before coming inside for good. I pulled them all outside, removed all the dead and dying blossoms and leaves and organized them with the other flowers.

I think perhaps next year, I'll just cluster all the pots in one corner. The geraniums look a bit naked, minus all the dead leaves and flower heads. I'll bring them in this weekend, probably for good. The other annuals, I'll let die out. I remember the year we still had petunias blooming in December because we didn't get snow until right before Christmas. I brought the petunias in when the temps got below 45, but it stayed in the 60's for the longest time. I'm not counting on that this year.

It was just a glorious day to clear things away. I put the decorations in the storage container. The chicken and the pig did well this year. That spray paint has given them new life.

I wouldn't mind a few more weekend days like this one where life slows down and you can just sit. Pilchard was really crabby about something while I sat outside. I brought out the footstool from the living room since I'd put the other chair and table in the container. It wasn't until I moved my feet and she lay down on the footstool that she stopped complaining. She wanted to be with me but didn't want to lie on the deck. Yes, this cat is spoiled.

Somewhere, a neighbor burned leaves and the smell wafted across the back yard. It combined with the general smells of fall, leaves and earth. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to winter or not this year. Last year, I was worried sick about dealing with another blizzard. This year would be just as tough, but I'm not as worried about it. Perhaps I should be but yesterday, as I sat and smelled the smells of a vanishing autumn, winter and snow seemed months away.

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