Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mums the Word

Rows of them. Rows and rows of them. So many colors, but only 2 sizes, not that it really mattered. I couldn't afford to bring one home anyway. But aren't these gorgeous?

What I liked was the globular size. They were huge about 3/4ths balls covered with flowers. There were so many colors, too.

I'm sure they aren't just "mums". There is probably a different kind for these ones that are a mass of blossoms. Look at how compact the flower head is. It's completely covered in flowers. All of the plants along this side were like that. The smaller ones, out by the entry, were more leggy. Those are the kind of mums I remember, the ones that got leggy by the end of the season.

If I could have afforded one, I would have purchased this one.

I was drawn to the dark, intense read of the few flowers that were open. This would make a great contrast to the blue of the front porch.

I remember my brother had a little mum plant that he nurtured for years. It didn't grow much from year to year, but he kept it going for several years. I wonder if you could do that with these. I know they are designed to be stuck around the house and then tossed around Thanksgiving, after the nights never get above 35. I wonder, if I pruned off all the blossoms and transplanted it to a new pot, would it overwinter? If it didn't make it all the way through the winter, I'll bet it would blossom again briefly. Who couldn't use some flowers in the dead of winter?

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