Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What To Do While Waiting for the Doorbell

In years past, I would be on the computer in the back. Last year, I decided I simply wasn't going to hand out anything because it takes too long for me to get to the door. I had to admit, however, that there is fun in seeing the kids, particularly the less than 8 year-olds, navigate this holiday where candy is expected.

So, I have decided that sitting at the computer is not where I'm going to be tonight. It's just easier to be closer to the door. Mija will be in the bedroom, huddled in amongst the covers. Pilchard may actually sit in the window for a time, like she did last year. I love to hear the, "Look! She's got a black cat!" comments from kids when they spot HRH in the window. HRH is clearly not amused, although it's kind of hard to tell. Maybe she is secretly enjoying being pointed out and "oohed" and "ahhed" over.

I spent some time over the weekend, while working on cleaning the kitchen, to cross-stitch. This particular pattern is a bit more complicated, with lots of colors in single and double squares. I can sit and stitch while waiting for the tramp tramp of feet on the front porch.

I made another mistake over the weekend and had to rip that out. After doing it once, it's not so agonizing the second time. I still don't know if I'll get this done in time to be framed for shipment by Christmas, but it's coming right along.

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