Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's Try This Again

They made such a mess of the punkins on the front. The north one is up top and the south one is here to the right. They had chewed so much of the south pumpkin that combined with the rains we got in October, it had collapsed and started to mold and rot.

I dug out the snow shovel and carried both to the compost bin. In the north pumpkin, I found traces of a red squirrel's tail fur.

I meant to post this earlier to the blog. This was taken on the 20th. This guy isn't the fattest of the red squirrels I saw having lunch with my pumpkins. The cats would sit in the living room window and make that noise they do when they see prey. We had some "arguments" over whose turn it was to watch. They really did a number on my Halloween decorations.

Yesterday, I went to Dominicks and bought new pumpkins. I put them out last night. After tonight, I'll take everything down and put the pumpkins on the back porch. We'll see how long before the squirrels chew into those. At least, when they do reduce them to hulks, it will be closer to the compost pile.

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