Monday, October 8, 2012

My Lap

The last stop on the list of things to be done yesterday was a trip to a new sub place. They had a coupon in one of the flyers I get and, since I was going to be over by them anyway, I might as well give them a try. Their location is too far to be considered on my list of places for lunch. I brought home my sub and had a friend, instantly.

She is not the lap cat. Oh once in awhile, she'll lie in my lap but if I have something to eat, she's there. She wasn't thrilled with this sub. She loves deli turkey and there just wasn't enough of it to share. She hung around until I was completely done with the sandwich and then she left.

I needed to just sit for a bit. I walked a lot and over uneven surfaces. My knees were saying, "You're going to take a breather or we'll make sure you do." I got rid of the wrapper from the sub, sat down, put up my feet and had my lap cat arrive.

She is not at all interested in the meat in a sub or people food at all. But once my lap was free, she's all about commandeering it. I've been playing World of Warcraft a bit more lately, with the new aspects to the game, and she's let me know she finds that unacceptable as it takes away lap time. So, on Sunday, we sat in the recliner for a good hour, just her and I. I don't think I've watched that much pro football in years.

The lap is a marvelous space and I don't mind sharing.

Beverage:  Dr Pepper


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