Monday, September 14, 2009

What to do?

I'm not sure how to feel. I received an email from someone in the WOW guild I run saying they were going to take a sabbatical from the game. The last time they did it, they dropped out of the guild we were in together and disappeared for 6 months. Six months is a long time in an evolving game like this.

I'm confused and confubbled because I have relied on this person for advice. They have been a rock when I've needed some counsel. They don't play much but when they do, they are able to size up a situation and provide an insightful comment. I've come to rely on those comments, rely on the intuition, rely on them simply being "there" if I needed them.

But it's a game and, as we all know, it has a way of seeping into your pores and possessing you. I have also cut back on my play time, although people wouldn't necessarily notice it. I have other things I want to do and it's become easier to step back and do those than to play the game. My daughter is taking a sabbatical as is her boyfriend while he goes back to school to finish his degree. Daniel just came back from 6 weeks off and I have Rob and Dan and Dea and Josh on self-imposed hiatus. Stepping away gives your head time to clear, reminds you of what's important and makes the game time fresh.

Yet, I don't know what I'll do without this wisdom readily available. Will we communicate about life via email? We exchanged some irritating words roughly 10 days ago and I can't help but think that's somehow to "blame" for the pulling away. We are speaking to each other as friends do but the underlying issue is still there. I can't help wondering, worrying, that my taking a stand on something caused this person, whom I consider a friend, to decide it's not worth it anymore. I guess one would say they weren't much of a friend if they walk away and never talk to me again.

I'm shocked and more than a little devastated by this revelation. I don't know how to address the email, either and a response is needed.

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