Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As ready as I'll ever be.

I took the box of Lactated Ringers to Animal Medical today. I had purchased the case to give Betsy fluids. I wound up getting only most of one 1000 cc bag into her. When we first started with fluids back in January, I was using a case of donated Ringers. Now my case can help someone else who is in need but lacks the funds for everything.

I took my cat carrier, too, and gave it to Val. She will put a tee shirt in the bottom of hers and mine. That way the new arrivals have a familiar scent instead of coming into a world of strange smells.

I washed one more litter box. It's currently outside on the deck, drying.

I have done all I can.

Tomorrow, after work, I will pick up my new family. Val gave me a bag of the treats she gives them, one when she gets home from work and one before bed. I have to work Friday morning. That will give them a chance to wander about the upstairs, sniffing and getting used to their new home. There will be no basement access for at least a month. There are enough places to hide upstairs. I don't need them disappearing into the basement.

Am I ready? As ready as I will ever be.

Beverage: (Ice cream is done.) Blackberry tea


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