Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello there!

Another milestone this morning.

I had been warned that Meeha and Pilcher would follow me into the bathroom. But that is a cat's nature. Closed door? Must be something good behind it.

But the door knob on my bathroom door broke and the one I got to replace it is not the right size and I've never really searched for another. It was just Carole and I and we were very used to cats following us into the bathroom. Heck, Shakespeare used to come running from wherever he was in the house when he heard the water running in the bathroom sink. Now that it's just me, I sometimes partially close the bathroom door.

Meeha and Pilcher have come into the bathroom in the morning, when I get up, to get morning ear scratches, but generally don't follow me into that room. There is a water dish in the bathroom which I know Pilcher uses. But they get their ears scratched and then wander out.

This morning, I was showering, washing my hair. I turned to rinse out the back and there was a little face peering into the shower from the end of the tub. "Oh hi, Meeha!" I heard her run out of the bathroom. "Drat, she saw me!"

I'm guessing they have settled in.

Beverage: Dr. Pepper


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