Friday, September 25, 2009

It could be worse.

I was supposed to go to Iowa today for the "All Things Scottish" Festival in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have been going there for years. It's loads of fun and this time in Iowa is beautiful with the trees just beginning to turn colors and football in full swing.

But the Jeep bothers me.

Rodney said I have "acceptable" fluid levels of antifreeze. "Just pick yourself up 5 or 6 bottles and top it off when you stop for gas or food." Seeing the look on my face, he said, "What? What? That's what I'd do."

Yes, but...

He said a hose going into the radiator is worn and the seal is probably cracked where it enters the radiator. And I probably have a pin hole leak in that hose. It's fine for driving around town, but when the pressure builds on long car trips, it leaks fluid. The fluid vaporizes from the heat of the engine so I never see puddles or any other evidence of the leak. Over the long drive, I lose all my antifreeze. So just top it off whenever I stop.

Yes, but...

If the car breaks down, I have to have it towed and then repaired. I can't afford to fix it this weekend. Next weekend, after I get paid, sure, but not this weekend.

So, I'm home. I really want to be in Iowa, but I'm here in Wheaton.

Still, it could be worse. Hoses are easier to replace and much less costly than a radiator. I need an oil change next week anyway. This will be okay. I'm going to make cookies and muffins and a coffeecake and some chocolate and spend more time bonding with my cats.

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