Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yes, there are 2 of them.

It took until Saturday evening, but I finally found Meeha. After deciding I wasn't as bad as initially thought, Pilcher wandered about the house in small steps. She's still not fond of the kitchen and I do want them NOT eating the back room.

On Saturday night, at the usual WOW time, Pilcher decided to sort of hang around. In comes one of those moths attracted by light bulbs; we call them 'millers' where I grew up. Oooooh, this was something completely new and the "attack cat" came out. Of course, once she caught it and it died, she looked at me as if to say, "But...but...I want to play with it. Make it better again."

In the course of chasing this bug about the office, she approached the closet that's directly behind where I sit. I heard a hiss. Pilcher stopped, looked into the closet and hissed back. Aha! Hiding place revealed. I got up and, sure enough, there was Meeha peering back at me. After finishing my game play for the evening, I reached in, pulled her out and proceeded to cuddle with her on the bed, scratching chin and ears and base of the tail. That's all it took and although she and Pilcher hissed and growled at one another, Meeha settled down on the bed until I decided it was time for me to sleep. Then she fled back to the confines of the closet.

Sunday, I hauled her out again. She does cuddle and I took her all over the house. The living room is okay as is lying on the project I have spread out on a table in the living room. Well, it's officially cat approved. Both of them love to lie on it. I don't quite get the hissing and growling at each other since they were in the same household prior to living with me, but I know it will pass. I brought a chair into the office and set it next to me. My gaming is now officially supervised and, occasionally, I have C.O.L. For the un-catted, that's "cat on lap". As this is a substantial cat, it does require some jockeying of position so the cat is comfortable in the lap up against the computer desk.

Meeha came out for most of the evening hours yesterday. I was able to get a couple of photos. She loves lying on my bed and I believe she hung around after I went to bed. Pilcher came and curled up on the pillow but didn't last very long. I think new sights and sound still attract them and they are cats. Their active time is when I want to sleep. I know today, they were out because there were footprints on the pillows and food was eaten.

I came home tonight and dragged Meeha out of her hiding place taking her with me so I could get a nap. I'm not sleeping well, which is a different blog post so I took an hour's nap. You can hear this cat purring from 5 feet away. She has a loud meow and a very loud purr.

Pilcher, on the other hand, has a soft purr and this very small meow. It's so much like Carole's Faux, it can't be mere coincidence. It's almost a squeak.

Pilcher has found a hiding place where I can't get her, back in the NE corner of the office. She has to either squeeze under the cedar chest to get there or go over the top of the table, across the chest and down. It's perfectly Pilcher-sized and I have to wait for her to decide to come out.

So, we have made very good progress in getting to know each other. Meeha is currently asleep on my bed. Pilcher is snacking in the back room. All seems much better with the world.

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