Thursday, September 3, 2009


My new family members are here and hiding.

Pilcher is solid black with yellow eyes, long hair, just beautiful. I'm going to trip over this cat at night, for sure.

Meeha is tortoise shell with splotches that look, in certain light, almost sage green, just beautiful.

They are in Carole's old room where there are litter boxes, the cat carriers with the doors open and ample places to hide. I put water and food and treats there for them. Their toys are in the hall where I can see to avoid stepping on them.

I looked in on them before sitting down to blog and Pilcher hissed at me. They now have twice as much space as they are used to, no carpet and it's much quieter since I don't watch TV. I keep looking into the hall in the advent that Pilcher, who is the braver of the two, comes out of that room to explore.

Pilcher is named for Bob, the Builder's cat. As Carole was not that age to be interested in that PBS program, this is news to me. Meeha is a permutation of "amiga", which is of Spanish origin, meaning "friend".

I work a half-day tomorrow and am then home all weekend. I'll take bets on when one of them comes out of the room to see me or at least to see.

I promised photos. I was optimistic. Pilcher is in a back corner behind some books and Meeha is behind the large map of Scotland that I take to Highland games. I should have known better. Eventually, there will be photos just as I expect, at some point, there will be ear scratches. But knowing they are here makes my house not feel so empty. That's a good thing.

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