Thursday, September 10, 2009

More change in the pocket

We were finally given our bonus and merit pay raise information today.

So, after the gov'mint at state and federal level take their share, my bonus should be enough to get pizza for supper at the end of the month when I'll get the bonus.

The merit pay increase was much more than I was expecting. But then, I don't really leave the office hardly at all now. I run the office sending everyone else out into the street. (Just ask Jon.) As we are reimbursed for the use of our cars, everyone else can get a nice expense check every week while I sit in my SW corner office and wonder if it's really as nice out as it looks. I suspect this is a way of compensating me for not being sent thither and yon.

No complaints here. I can look at paying cash for Christmas presents now.

Beverage: Blackberry tea


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