Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Found you!

Now tell me, isn't that a cute face?
This is her hiding place, on top of a pillow in the closet where my sweaters hang. I come home, poke my head in and say, "Hi, I'm home." Meeha will come out of the closet in about a half hour. Meanwhile, Pilcher is out and wanting ear scratches. Meeha will stay out now the rest of the night and into morning until I get ready for work, then she goes back into the closet. Someone does come out during the day because, as Betsy and Rascal used to do, the rugs have been "attacked" and wadded into a ball. You know that is the main purpose of floor rugs, right? They exist to be attacked by cats.

Beverage: Robert the Bruce Scottish Style Ale


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