Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Dance

Iowa 21 Penn State 10

If there is one thing I follow semi-religiously, it's my Iowa Hawkeyes. Tonight, they played the #5 ranked team in the country on Penn State's home field and beat them. I'm looking at the clock and it's 10:22 p.m. I need to call my mother and have her save the newspaper, but dare I? Oh sure, she's going to still be up. She was and she'll send me the sports pages in a couple of weeks.

The problem for me is that it appears there is no live web stream of the football game without paying at least $15 per game. I wound up watching a "blog" run by ESPN for the plays and the scoring. I tried to monkey with the TV for 15 minutes to get it to work, but I need that digital box attached and I'm just no good at figuring this stuff out. It was a national TV audience, too. I could have curled up in the papasan chair with a cat and scared her when we scored a touchdown. Yelling at the computer is just not the same as yelling at the TV.

What a way to start Big 10 football season!

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