Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ear Scratches vs Still Scared

So today some monumental steps were taken.

Here is your first photo of Pilcher. I was told she was the most sociable of the two. To the right in the photo, are tee shirts. That side of the closet is divided in half with tees hanging on the bottom and long sleeved shirts hanging on the top. On Thursday, this is where she went. I thought it was both of them, but I was wrong. I still do not know where Meeha is. Jon and Perry have tried to comfort me by reminding me that if a cat does not want to be found, you can't find her. Yeah...but...

Last night, I heard activity in the litter box. I heard some quick crunching of food. This morning, the tee shirts I had asked Val to leave in the carriers were pulled out and it seemed as if someone slept on them. I'm going to say that was Meeha and take comfort in those little things. She's not outside or in the basement. She's just somewhere and it's best I let her come to me.

Pilcher had made her presence known by peeing on my bed. She might have been trying to get to the litter box last night and I interrupted her by moving. Oh well, I was going to strip the bed anyway. I was concerned that I hadn't seen Meeha so I had removed 80% of the tee shirts in the closet last night, thereby removing quite a bit of Pilcher's hiding screen.

This morning, after my breakfast and finishing reading all the newspapers in a pile on the living room floor (Dominick Dunne died. I didn't know that.), I went into the bedroom to get clothes to wear after a shower. A black face peered around the corner of the closet. I got hissed at, followed by a growl. But, peering at me is a start.

I walked around the end of the bed and sat down on the floor. Talking in very quiet tones, I called her name and held out my hand, making scratching motions with my fingers. You could see she was thinking about it. She came out from inside the closet. She hissed and growled. She stood there looking at me and then the need for ear scratching took over and she came right up to me. I've had my hand batted twice but she's not had her claws out.

She has been into the office and into the living room. She seems scared of the kitchen right now, so I've not taken her into that room. All in good time. She inspected some of the living room, finding the box of cat toys with the crackle rat that still smells a bit of catnip. She liked that but the neighbor arriving home from a jaunt on his motorcycle spooked her and she ran into the bedroom. She's not interested right now in leaving the closet.

This is good. I brushed her today while we were getting to know one another. She seemed secure enough to lie down on the bed and give herself a small bath. She climbed onto me to look into the hall, but just seems wary of the world beyond the bedroom. We spent some time cuddling on the bed today so perhaps I will have someone sleeping with me tonight. She was purring while lying next to me.

Small steps although today could be considered a huge one. Here's a better photo of Pilcher.

She seemed thrilled to be able to lie in a window and feel the breeze on her face. Well, that is why I have a bookcase there, so a cat can be comfortable.

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