Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Two and a Half Weeks

It will be the Spring Equinox. The examples of its arrival are in abundance.

This blurry image shows the area between the front birdbath and the house. I'm hoping those are tulips. There were Shirley tulips in this bed, but I worried they were eclipsed by the overgrown nature of the beds. I should probably move the bath to make sure nothing is trying to sprout under it.

On the other side, the hyacinths and tulips are pushing through the ground. I don't see the crocus but they are notorious for not being visible and, the next day, being everywhere.

The Weather Channel announced Chicagoland had a dubious record today. It's the first January and February in 146 years where there has not been any snow cover. We did have snow overnight on Saturday, but it stuck only on my deck and car, not on the grass or even the sidewalk. Our precipitation has been rain. We need more of that, honestly. With the thaw out of the ground, there's no water when you dig down, as I discovered when I planted the bird feeder pole. We should be seeing some plants poking their heads through the ground now, that's normal, but the unseasonable warmth of the last week has accelerated growth and that's not really a good thing.

People were complaining the weather had turned "cold" this week. I just shake my head. It's a good 20 degrees above what is statistically normal. 55 is NOT normal. We should still have a foot of snow cover.

It's hard to plan the yard when the weather is weirder than usual. I mentioned getting seeds for the front. Do I start to look for pansies or should I just wait until the end of April for more tender plants to arrive in greenhouses? I remember snow on Memorial Day but I'm thinking that's not going to happen again.

I'll watch these bulbs and we'll see how quickly they grow. And, more importantly, we'll see what they are. I need to remove the rest of some volunteer trees which were cut back, down to the ground, in early June. While I'm itching to get out the shovel and trowel and the seed packets. I need to remember the last 'frost free' date is technically May 15th. Wonder if they will modify that, ever.

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