Saturday, February 11, 2017

So You Don't Have To

I was looking through photos and stumbled upon these. I appears I never gave you my opinion.

I also realize I haven't seen any "Limited Edition" Oreos in some time. Perhaps that is a good thing.

True to the packaging details, the inner filling was blue.

It strikes me as more of a light blue-violet but it's blue. The essence of blueberries is manufactured for these cookies. There's no blueberry anything in the ingredients. I guess I should not be surprised.

Here, you can see there is a lot more purple in the color mix. The blonde cookie was to simulate the pie crust. That wasn't too bad although I remember it being a bit mealy and bland tasting. The innards were nothing to get excited about. There was a hint of blueberry, nothing overpowering. We've come to expect a certain taste of our Oreos and a deviation from that gives us pause. I'm sort of expecting a vanilla taste with blueberry overtones. It was a more chemical blueberry which I got. Not something I'd ever buy again.

I do look for differently flavored Oreos when I go to the grocery. It's a novelty to eat them. Increasingly, however, it seems the novelty flavoring of favorites is over although there are Dunkin Donuts flavored Pop*Tarts.

I can't stand coffee so you'll have to find someone else to try these. My "meh" feeling also could be the result of nearly everything coming up with a novelty flavor. Give it a rest. Just make what you make and do it well. We reward quality. Plus, it saves shelf space.

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