Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cooking With Deb - Nope Cookies

After the reasonable success of the brownie pie, the next recipe to try was a cookie recipe. It was easy enough with 5 ingredients.

I had everything except the cake mix. I had to go to the grocery anyway, so a cake mix was procured and I decided to see how these tasted.

There was an issue right away. I neglected to read the size of the cake mix I purchased. A "standard" cake mix is 16.9 ounces. This recipe calls for a mix of 9 ounces. I stood in my kitchen and pondered this dilemma. They must mean a cake mix from a company called "Jiffy". I've used their muffin mixes. They are quick and easy to use. I kicked myself for not reading the recipe closely. But, this can be fixed. Seventeen ounces is almost double nine ounces. I'll just double everything else and it should be okay.

The recipe mixed up quickly, as befitting the name. I was slightly disappointed in the fluidity of the batter once everything was added. I added a quarter cup of all-purpose flour to the batter to make it more viscous. Knowing that the baking process would cause the batter to spread, the liquidity of this batter was disconcerting. I decided the "fix" for this was 30 minutes in the fridge. After that amount of time, the batter was much more solid and I felt would not melt all over the cookie sheet.

Well, they didn't melt all over the cookie sheet. I'm not sure, specifically, what the burned stuff is. I think it's butterscotch chips. After the 30 minutes in the fridge, these didn't spread as much as I was anticipating, which was good. I could pack more cookies on a sheet, which means less dishes to wash. Win win. But the burned bits bothered me. There shouldn't be stuff which oozes out and gets burnt.

Here is the finished product, cooling on the rack.

Taste? Blah. They were quite mealy. I don't know if that's because I added that extra quarter cup of flour so all the dry ingredients would be doubled, or if it's a product of using cake mix as your base. They crumbled easily. There was next to no sweetness in the recipe, not in and of itself bad; but you have an expectation there will be sweetness to cookies. The raw dough was okay to taste, but the baked cookies lacked a redeeming quality to move this from "Okay, I've tried this. Now to recycle the recipe" to the recipe box as a keeper.

Next up is a main dish meal recipe. I think I mentioned this in an earlier post that, although I have everything to make it, I'm a bit on the fence about trying it. However, I need to follow through or what would this experiment be?

Beverage:  Raspberry Seltzer


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