Saturday, February 11, 2017

Residue of Tidying

Recently, I took a few days off. The car needed an oil change and I had an eye doctor appointment. I like my eye doctor very much. She's nice, friendly, and extremely thorough. RA can affect your eyes so I have to see a specialist. Yet, getting in to see her can be an ordeal necessitating hours of my time so I took the day off. Then, realizing I had days to use up, I just took extra days off. We all need time to rest and recharge.

Part of that involved tackling a small spot in the home office. I have saved all the receipts from medications dating back to when I was diagnosed with RA. Insurance covers my prescriptions, but I felt it was important to keep tabs on my medications. But I realized, when I sorted the filing cabinet over Christmas, I get a running report with every doctor visit. I don't need to save the receipt. Some of the medications come with a patient information sheet. This adds up to a lot of paper, sitting in a stack, in the home office.

I shredded it; all of it; excepting the information sheets. They had no identifying numbers or my name on them. All of it went in the recycling can. Before I could send a receipt through the shredder, I had to remove staples; lots and lots of staples.

I get my prescriptions at CVS. There were, sometimes, 3-4 staples in a receipt. That's a lot of metal. I recycled these too.

The area where 5 years of prescription receipts was is now clear. I can use it for more important storage or just leave it empty.

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