Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tidying in Spaces

When I came back from Carole and Larry's wedding, Mija knocked my sewing box onto the floor, scattering the contents. It took me a bit to clean it up but I've applied the same principles of tidying, from the book, to my sewing box. I am, unfortunately, going to need a new box. The hinges on the lid are broken.

This isn't the kind of plastic I can recycle either. Once I get a new box, it has to be tossed. I'm going to miss it and am sad at the thought of having to replace it.

I went through everything in the box with the idea that I would only keep the stuff that I actually use.

I don't know what this is. I'm sure at one time I knew, but I haven't a clue. It went in the give away bag.

I won't use "D" rings and I have no idea why a guitar pick is in my sewing box. The clips are to keep mittens or gloves from getting lost. One clip goes on the coat. The other end clips to the mitten. I'm fairly certain these date from when I was a child. I'm hanging onto them. The guitar pick? No.


and snowflakes.

I don't remember why I have these. I'm sure it was for some craft project. I don't see anything on the horizon which would use either of these items so I put them in ziploc bags and added them to the give away bag. My craft drawers are full of stuff; another area of my life which needs tidying. The whole point is to be critical of what I save, analytical. If I happen to come across something I want to make which requires stars and snowflakes, I know where to go to get some.

File this under "just in case".

These items are from my other sewing machine, one that was sold at a garage sale for $20 a good 20-odd years ago. They don't fit my current machine. I should have added them with the other machine but they were buried; out of sight becomes out of mind. They went in the give away bag.

How many sewing scissors do you have? How many can you use at any given time? Yeah. The bottom pair are from Cutco. They are wonderful. That's the pair I saved. No, I didn't put the other two on top of the fridge or in the junk bin. I added them to the give away bag. I don't need 8 pair of scissors in the house. I realize the gremlins who steal socks and pencils also like scissors but I have 3 pair that sit on top of the fridge. I'm good. Really. I'm good.

Pins went everywhere.

I had the yellow topped quilt pins in their own container. But when it was knocked onto the floor, the top flew off and the pins were scattered. The pins in the plastic container didn't go anywhere. If I quilted, I probably would keep the pins separate; perhaps not; but I don't quilt so a separate container is wasted space. Quilt pins are long and slender and are great for holding multiple layers of things as they get stitched together. I couldn't find the lid for the quilt pins either so that was another consideration to adding them to the plastic container. A week later, I found the lid. By then, the bottom had been recycled.

I remember a great-aunt who collected thimbles. They were the bone china ones and she had a lovely wooden display case holding her collection in the living room. Those thimbles were emblazoned with locations and had been picked up as souvenirs of her travels. These, well, these are utilitarian thimbles. I never got used to wearing one. I kept a couple of the silver thimbles and got rid of the other two.

In the late 1990's, Carole and I decided to create denim vests which sported emblems of our travels. We collected pins and buttons and patches from places we went and sewed them to the vest. I don't remember where we found a bag full of whimsical patches but I added those to the vests. My vest still hangs in the back of the closet. I haven't added to or worn it in years. I'm pretty sure there's not a lot of room on it for additions. I got rid of the whimsy and saved the tiger hawk. I know there will be a use for Iowa's mascot.

Finally, I have a couple of handkerchiefs.

You can't see it but this one has small green squares around the outer edge.

This one is just old. I have no idea whose monogram it is. The letters don't correspond to anyone I know of in my families. I don't even remember where I got it. I'm not sure what to do with them. Perhaps a historical society would be interested in the bottom one, something to fill out a collection. I folded them back up and put them in the bottom of the box for now.

Everything else, the thread and ribbons and zippers and velcro and sewing needles and snaps and hooks and miscellany was stuff that I do use or see a need to keep. Although I'm going to have to get a new box, perhaps this was a blessing. I was forced to consciously evaluate why I have "D" rings and to decide that I don't need to save them.

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