Sunday, June 21, 2015

Strawberry Fields

The three strawberry plants I bought this year have been covered with soft pink blossoms.

It's strawberry time. I was so excited when I noticed there was a nearly ripe berry.

There were berries all over the plants. I was going to get a decent crop, at least enough for breakfast or snacking.

So far, this is the only berry I've been able to harvest. The one in the above photo was gone the next morning. You see there is a divot on this one. It had been pulled off the plant and left on the deck. Squirrels.

I'm not sure how many berries I will actually get. I'm feeling rather defeated. I hadn't considered the wildlife.

I ate this one. These berries are sweet and would be wonderful if I ever got enough to eat. Maybe I need to elevate them off the deck floor, onto the rails, maybe? I need to figure this out because I certainly want to do this again next year.

Beverage:  Raspberry seltzer


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