Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rainy Stitching

We've had some weather in the Chicagoland area. Fortunately, I've been home for 80% of the heavy rains, which is good because I only want to deal with this once this year.

This is outside the office. I made it there just as the sky opened so I was inside watching the road fill up.

The heavy rains breed a desire to just sit. Nothing I can do, really, and I'm not inclined to get onto the computer when you can't see across the street because of the rain. I've been watching some movies with the idea that some of my collection are movies I'm not interested in keeping. Pull out the stitching, pop in a movie and be calm, which keeps the cats calm. This is what I've accomplished since returning from vacation.

There are three butterflies in the lower right corner to finish and then there is outlining to do. I'm close to having things moved in the basement; two bags of garbage was removed tonight. The floor is devoid of water, but the basement smells musty. The fan is doing a great job of keeping the air circulated so the floor can dry. I work for about 45 minutes and then stitch for another 45 minutes. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend which means the lawn needs to be mowed. I also think it looks like the perfect weekend for stitching on the deck.

Beverage:  Dunkin' Donuts tea


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