Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Week of Socks

Now that I've decided on the socks for the wedding, I've not posted what's been on my feet. There aren't many left in the drawer that you haven't seen. It seemed sort of a let down once I decided. There wasn't any reason to post photos of the ones still in the drawer since they really aren't in contention.

But, I've enjoyed showing off my socks so I've gathered a weeks' worth of photos. Today's socks were going to be a dull navy blue, but when I put them on, there's a hole in the toe. Into the mending pile they went. On these cold winter evenings, I should clear out the mending pile. "Should" and "will" are two very different words.

Monday, February 9th.

These are more pink than the photo shows. Carole got these for me from Crater Lake Natinal Park in Oregon. Those are bears.

Tuesday, February 10th.

Carole got these for me last year at Walt Disney World.

Wednesday, February 11th.

I don't think I bought these. I think I got these at Christmas from a former co-worker. She gave me socks one year, but was it these or one of the other red Christmas socks I have?

Thursday, February 12th.

Here's another pair from Carole. These are San Francisco socks. She buys me some of the best socks from her travels. I have a pair from Seattle and a pair from Chicago. The Chicago pair is in the mending pile.

Friday, February 13th.

Yes, these are kind of boring for a day filled with superstition. But, I reached into the drawer and pulled these out. They are another pair Carole got me; Gold Toe brand. There are three pair of Gold  Toe in the drawer. She gave me these for Mother's Day. I do like the design.

Over the weekend, my feet spent time in slippers. I have heavy socks I wear in the cold and when combined with the slippers, my feet were comfortable. Do you wear socks to bed? I find that sometimes I just have to and these every day wear socks don't cut it.

Monday, February 16th.

This pair was 50 cents. That's all I remember about them. How could I pass up a pair of decent socks priced at 50 cents? I have no idea where I picked them up as I've had them for awhile. Everyone needs a pair of loud and obnoxious socks.

Today's socks are similar to another pair I have.

I have this design on black socks. The black ones I was considering as wedding socks. These were on this list as possibilities if I hadn't chosen by the time they were pulled from the drawer. One of Carole's friends gave me this pair and the companion black pair for a milestone birthday several years ago.

So, that's what's been on my feet lately. I think there are 3 more pair in the drawer. I didn't count when I looked this morning. It's been kind of funny to do laundry. It seems to be nothing but socks.

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