Friday, February 27, 2015

First Project of 2015

After some searching, I found a pattern for an item I wanted to make. It was kind of amazing to me that in all the boxes of books and pamphlets and magazines, what I wanted wasn't among them. Thankfully, you can find almost anything on either Pinterest or Etsy. Pinterest was my savior.

The pattern was a "whopping" $3.50 and came in a .pdf format. I really need to get my home printer fixed. I had to print the pattern at the office, which I don't like to do for personal stuff. Although I had concerns, it came out nice and clear.

Once that was in my grubby little hands, it was off to the cross-stitch store to get black fabric. I have a small stash of cross-stitch fabric but not black. And, what do you know, they were out of black, too. I ordered a large piece because I have another project which would benefit from black.

Then, I headed over to JoAnn Fabrics to get some silly gifts for a friend who had knee surgery. Not expecting much, I went to the cross-stitch aisle and there was black fabric. It was one of those facepalm moments. Oh well. I can use the fabric I ordered. They also had some great fabric.

I could see making myself shirts from the M&M's fabrics. I need more fabric like I need a third ear. Let's not even contemplate what we could do with that fabric and move along. But...but...Move along. At least this discussion goes on inside my head and not with an imaginary self in the store. I did not come home with fabric.

I did come home with black cross-stitch fabric.

I'm starting with a light pearl gray. The thing about black is that, at night, it's difficult to see the holes in the cross-stitch grid. I figured out if I kept the white paper pattern in my lap, the light bouncing off the white paper illuminated the grid. But when a certain black cat wants the lap, stitching becomes an, "I think I've got it" proposition for finding the next hole for the needle.

I started late in the evening on the first day so not a lot was accomplished. The weekend ahead should prove profitable for stitching.

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