Friday, February 6, 2015

A Decision

I think I may have come to a decision on the socks. Before I get to the pair that may be the winners, let me show you others.

These are heavy weight socks.

They are absolutely wonderful in the winter in the house. I would be over the moon if I lived in a house with heated floors because I could go barefoot. As that will never happen, I must rely on heavy weight socks that audibly laugh when you want to put your foot into a dressy shoe. Seriously. I heard them laugh.

I have a lot of socks that are of this weight.

They are kind of light weight, but, when put into the shoes, it was clear I couldn't wear the shoes all night at the reception.

My feet felt crammed into the shoes, not to mention the autumn leaves socks were blah and the eyeballs were just creepy. They reminded me of the play "Do Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up"?

I've been pulling socks out of the drawer and realizing that they were of the weight that was just not comfortable for a day of wear.

These are, technically, St. Patrick's Day socks. I just like the design.

No, I'm not doing white socks, least of all with Christmas designs on them.

These were too heavy and the design, although I love them, was boring.

These are a companion pair to the chartreuse pair posted last month. They are like the blue snowflake pair above. I wear them like slippers and will even wear them to bed in the winter when my toes get cold. But they are too heavy weight for the shoes and too loud for the event. I should have bought two more pair when I found these, but I wasn't sure I'd like them at first. You know that feeling.

These are the right weight but I didn't even try them in the shoes because of the "creep" factor mentioned above. I wasn't going to a wedding, any wedding, wearing skull socks unless the wedding is Halloween or steam-punk themed. (Side note: If you play a match 3 game like I do, you might 'get' my obsession with, on the left sock, wanting to swap the location of one white skull with one orange skull so you have a 'match 4' and more points. I guess that really makes me a nerd.)

This is one of my favorite pairs. I love color and the bright stripes have great appeal to me. The socks are the right weight for all day wear.

Whoa. I think not. There's 'clash' and there's "clash". This is the latter. I sat for a time looking at this combination. The socks reflect my personality as do the shoes, but the two of them together just did not work.

I have had this pair for a long time. I think Carole gave me these for Mother's Day, maybe in 2009. They are light weight. I put them on and wondered.

You know, I think I have a winner here. They fit in the shoes perfectly. They have just enough whimsy to reflect my personality but they are conservative for the ceremony. I think I will probably stuff another pair, something wacky, in my purse for the reception and it's been suggested that I bring a pair of flats to the reception because even well fitting Clarks could ache when I've been on my feet for 9+ hours.

Right now, this is my choice. There are still other socks in the drawer to go through so we'll see if these are the queens or if they get unseated.

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  1. Those socks look good for the wedding.
    The suggestion to bring flats is a good one.
    You could bring a selection of socks for the reception ;)
    Keep 'em guessing !