Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Occasionally, It Pays Off

I'm really on the fence about loyalty cards. I have them. I use them. But the benefits don't seem to be hugely apparent. I joined Best Buy's loyalty program with I bought my TV and Blu-Ray player last year. I got $5 back. Woo...hoo. I used that, in January, to buy the external storage device. I'll probably not accrue any more loyalty stuff from Best Buy unless I have to buy a major appliance.

Hallmark is another place I have a loyalty card. That does sometimes pay benefits, if I remember to bring the coupon with me when I go into the store. My Panera loyalty program gets me a dollar off on a pastry or a free beverage, on occasion. My Dunkin Donuts "Perks" card is probably the one loyalty card that nets me the most freebies.

I find, at this stage of life, I'm at CVS Pharmacy quite a bit. I haven't managed to get all my prescriptions to be filled at the same time so I can make one run. I have this one at this time and these two at that time, so I find myself in the place quite frequently. I have their loyalty card and it will give me a lot of discounts, most of which I don't need. I've talked about it before, how loyalty cards don't really inconvenience a company. You can give me $15 in coupons, but if I don't NEED batteries, even giving me a buy any size get one free coupon isn't going to entice me into the store. Sometimes, however, I can hit it just right.

Shampoo and two bottles of conditioner. I was out of conditioner and had to pick up a prescription. I also happened to have a $3.00 off on my next purchase, thanks to all the times I'm in the store to pick up medication. VO5 is 99 cents. My final bill was pocket change. The receipt has a coupon for greeting cards; buy 2 and get 1 free. I might use that. I might not. I need to look to see what's upcoming that might need a card to send.

I don't go somewhere because there is a loyalty program. In fact, I could probably weed the key fobs I don't use off the key fob on which I have them. Still, it does pay to check. Every so often, I can score a great deal.

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