Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The girls have settled into use of the cat tree. Pilchard loves to race around the house and then jump onto the middle rung to exercise her claws. Lately, however, she'd look at it, think about jumping up but then change her mind. It was odd. Over the weekend, I was cleaning the living room and took a good hard look at the tree.

Hair. It was just everywhere.

I guess that is to be expected. I swept up about half a cat it seemed, of black fur. I almost never see fur from Mija but it's got to be there. It's just that it's so short and it's brown, the color of the floors, that I don't see it.

So, I got out the comb and spent 20 minutes combing the cat tree.

It's not the clearest since it was gray dust on a gray carpet, but there's a mass in the corner of that level. No wonder Pilchard didn't want to sit on the tree. Who knew that part of caring for the cats involves combing their cat tree. Guess that will be part of my cleaning the living room.

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