Friday, February 13, 2015

My Mom Wins

I got home last night and there was a small, padded envelope from my mother. Well, it's close to Valentine's Day, but I couldn't imagine what she would be sending me. Maybe it was a card and a whole bunch of newspaper clippings. She'll do that, clip things of interest to me, set them aside, and 4 months later, I'll get an envelop filled with news.

I ripped it open and out fell this.

I laughed so hard, I scared the cats. I had to call her.

"Well, I read your blog post that yours broke. The next day, I opened my utensil drawer and saw I had 5 of these. I'm not going to use 5 of them, I barely use one, so I thought you could use it."

We both marveled that the head on mine would break so cleanly since it appears they are one solid piece of plastic. But, whatever, I now have a brand new citrus opener. Beware oranges. Here I come!

Beverage:  Water


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