Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We're Not Bag Girls

My friend, Doo, sent the girls a Christmas gift.

We cat owners know how much our felines love to be in things or behind things or under things. These bags are catnip infused and should prove tempting to the girls.

But, one of the issues is that neither has shown a real interest in bags. I bought groceries at the end of the last month and came home with a few paper bags. Past cats couldn't wait until the bag was empty to collapse a side in an attempt to get into it. I dropped a bag on the floor.

She sniffed it, then sat down and looked at me like, "Now what?" I left it out for a day and there was no interest in going inside. So, I was unsure how these would be received.

With the increase in growling and hissing, I thought a change might be in order so I got out a package and opened one of the bags.

Pilchard instantly came over to sniff and to rub her face against the unopened bag. I shooed her off the table, opened the bag and dropped it on the floor. The directions said to lightly scratch the inside of the bag to release the catnip aroma. This is what happened.

She wasn't interested in going inside, but to sit on the bag, that was just fine.

I turned my attention to Mija and pulled a bag out of the box. She waited until I had opened up the bag before coming over to sniff.

This is as interested as she got. I dropped the bag on the floor. She sniffed it and wandered away, showing no inclination to want to go inside. Pilchard, on the other hand, came over and laid down on the bag, almost like she was claiming it and the other one, too.

In looking over the bags and my cats, it occurred to me that the problem might be too little bag for too big of a cat. Pilchard did go into the Mariano's bag, but she didn't stay. These catnip infused ones are smaller. While cats like to be in enclosed areas, and I've watched Pilchard, over the years, get into places she really shouldn't, it seems as if my girls are taking the tack now that the box or bag needs to adequately fit them. These bags were just a bit too snug. So, I got a pair of scissors and cut them kind of apart.

That was, instantly, a bigger hit with Pilchard. Mija sniffs them, but she doesn't lie down. Pilchard, however, sits and lies on the bags to the exclusion of the two boxes I have in the living room for her. That's fine because Mija has claimed the boxes. It's a lot like musical containers at my house, only no one gets eliminated.

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