Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Such a Steal, Actually

I'm such a creature of habit. I was never that much "into" fashion. My joke is that "fashion means it's clean", instead of being something on current trend. I find what works and I stay with it, sometimes for decades.

I've had the same winter coat for a very long time. There really hasn't been a reason to change. It used to be a coat Carole wore to school. It was warm and it worked just fine for her. When she no longer wanted it, well, I could certainly put it to good use and I've worn it ever since. It's from Lands End which makes very good quality clothing.

But even good quality clothing just reaches the end of taste. This year, I wanted a different coat. The Lands End coat hits me at the waist. I wanted something longer. The Lands End coat has never had a hood. I really like hoods, mainly because I have a habit of misplacing ear muffs. I find them again but only when I'm looking for something else. So this fall, the one thing I wanted to do for myself was get a new winter coat. I also have to replace my boots and that's a have to as they have cracked and aren't waterproof anymore. Since I have to do that, I might as well replace the coat. The coat came first.

The Lands End coat is to the right. I've always liked the bright yellow color, Hawkeye gold, sort of. I've gone with a dark gray; pewter, it's called. The biggest problem with the Lands End coat is in the sleeves. Gradually, over the decades of use, they have shrunk, ever so slightly. For the last few years, there has been a gap where my gloves end and the sleeve begins. Plus, the elasticized ribbing of the sleeve ends constantly got hooked on the zipper closure of the pockets, tearing the ribbing. It's reached the point where the ribbing is so torn, it doesn't close around the arm anymore. The new coat has a hood, a removable lining and a two button adjustable closure on the sleeve ends. The sleeves are nice and long and the coat itself is about a foot longer than the Lands End coat.

But the best part was getting this coat for about 70% off. I have been watching sales and I hit it just right. I ordered it online from Woman Within. Things like this don't usually happen to me. When I want or need to buy something, it's usually not on sale. We were still getting 70 degree days when I bought the coat but isn't that when you should buy things, when it's not a necessity?

So the Lands End coat has been washed and is ready to be given away. I'm sad to see it go. After all, it's been a fixture in the closet for decades now. But, it's time. I am really happy with the new coat and kind of can't wait to use it. It's already been christened.

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