Friday, October 11, 2013

How I Have Missed You

My electric tea kettle, given to me as a Mother's Day gift back in 2007, finally died over Labor Day. See the scale around the switch? As carefully as I maintained the kettle, gradually, scale built up over the years and ate through the switch area.

My usual routine in the morning is to make a cup of tea after breakfast. I take this to work or drink it over the course of the morning, if it's the weekend. Over Labor Day weekend, I went to make my morning cup of tea and there was water all over the counter. I picked up the kettle and there was a steady drip from the area by the switch. With a heavy sigh, I knew it was time to toss this and get a new one. I don't know how much Carole paid for this but I certainly got her money's worth from it, considering I've been known to drink 4-5 cups of tea a day during the days I'm home.

So, I contemplated putting this on my birthday/Christmas list. It would make a great gift for someone to get for me and good pots can be had for $20. I took to microwaving water in the morning to make tea. Yes, I do have a standard heat on the stove kettle, but one of the reasons Carole got this for me is because it's fast to heat water. I don't always remember to turn on the stove under the kettle and there is a danger that I could forget, in my haste to leave the house, and not turn off the kettle. These auto shut off kettles are fantastic for me. Nuking water didn't always happen and then, when I needed the measuring cup for something else, it wasn't available for water. I really missed the morning cup of tea.

Enter a major online sale at JC Penney. In spite of the retailer's problems in the past two years, I'm still quite loyal to them. I've been happy with the service at their stores and the availability of products that I need and use. I scanned through the sale they were promoting and found a new kettle.

Viola. Cost me $20 with shipping. It is very sturdy but much lighter in weight than the old one. I like the sleek look, too, and the clear amount lines on the side instead of under the handle. It is very fast, about a minute faster than the old kettle, in heating water. It's interesting to see how product design and construction changes and improves over the course of years.

Thanks to this, I am back to making hot tea in the morning to take to work. Starts the day out right.

Beverage:  English Breakfast tea


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  1. A strong cup of Earl Grey for me! Starts the morning off right and makes a wonderful mid afternoon treat.