Friday, October 11, 2013

After Work

My goodness has it been gorgeous lately. We really couldn't ask for better weather. The nights are a bit too chilly to have windows open but during the day, it gets up into the 70's, which makes for an extremely delightful afternoon when I get home from work. The girls and I have been taking advantage of these afternoons.

My crochet project and I; feet up on the deck table and just being in the autumn warmth. Not sure who is getting this scarf for Christmas. I have quite a few more to make so afternoons like this, when I can spend time just crocheting are gifts.

And yes, I do own plain color socks. I won't tell you how old these are. They have worn like cast iron, however. I have never had to repair these in any way and there are some printed socks that I've given up on, they have worn out so fast.

The only drawback to this hour of sitting is that the girls can't seem to be outside at the same time. Mija really is cowed by Pilchard.

Even if HRH is up here on the railing behind me, Mija spots her and won't come outside. She longs to be out, just like Pilchard, but they can't seem to be outside on the deck together. It's really odd because they will still sleep in the recliner, one on one side and one on the other, and they are now occupying the bed with me, each in their corner. It frustrates me and it seems no amount of cooing and soothing tones and ear scratches keeps them both out here with me.

This is the kind of weather I love. There is a chance of rain this weekend, but if that moves away, you can be sure my afternoons will be spent with hot tea, a cat or two and my crochet, drinking in the warm autumn sunshine and fresh air.

Beverage:  English Breakfast tea


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