Thursday, October 24, 2013

Richmond From the Top

Carole works in one of the tallest buildings in downtown Richmond.

She works on the 5th floor on this side. She has a nice view of the Virginia capital building.

As a treat, we got to go to the 24th floor and walk around the east, south and west sides for a view of the city. The north side contains a catering facility.

The city is on a northwest to southeast angle. This is due to the James River which is south of the downtown. Here we are looking east southeast.

Now we look south southwest.

And lastly, southwest to west.

The wire you see strung along the edge is to melt snow and ice during storms so icicles don't build up. Any accumulation of snow and ice along a ridge at this height would be deadly if it fell. These heated wires prevent that.

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  1. That is a nice view from the top.
    Richmond looks like a pretty city too.
    Enjoyed your series on Richmond :)