Thursday, October 17, 2013


Last Wednesday, upon arriving home from work, I had this sight greet me.

The recent news of the White House kitchen garden being decimated by squirrels due to the government shut down brought this to mind. It's that time of year and how many of us who garden haven't had the year ending problem with vermin deciding our garden is where they need to go to find nourishment for the upcoming winter. Sometimes, it's just better to let them have that last harvest. They often do a fairly good job of uprooting plants, making the end of season garden clean up a bit easier.

In researching this, I guess it would have been edible for me. I usually think of sweet potatoes as the long brownish tuber with the orange flesh. But this is just a different variety. It would have been crumbly in texture, which would make it more enticing to a squirrel to gnaw on. The next day, this whole tuber was gone when I came home from work. I don't think it was carried away by a raccoon as they aren't active during the day and this was still on the vine when I left for work.

So, I'm wondering if I should harvest the other tubers I'm bound to find at the ends of the other vines I planted. I'm not too sure what to do with them although there are certain to be recipe suggestions online. I'm used to cooking the orange fleshed potatoes but I'm just curious enough to want to try these, that is, if there are any left by the time I get around to putting away the flower pots.

Beverage:  Lady Grey tea


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