Monday, January 7, 2013

Lots of Cocoa

Well, I managed to make it last 10 days. The hot cocoa Carole sent, the version with huckleberry in it, is gone. It was so good. Time to look at the other cocoa I got for Christmas.

There are 9 boxes of cocoa here. Each box contains 2 servings, at least that's what the label says. In practice, since I like my cocoa strong, I may have 1.5 servings or maybe just one. I'll have to see when I open the first package.

The boxes are cute and might have a use outside of containing cocoa. "Might" is the operative word here. I'd save them but I'm telling myself that, because I don't know what I'd use them for right now, they can go in the recycling bin. If I had a place to adequately store this stuff, it would be different. Then, something like this which has possibilities, though not immediately, could be kept. Since I can recycle them, they won't become part of the waste stream.

That makes the cocoa taste really good.

Beverage:  Lady Grey tea


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