Friday, January 4, 2013

A Little More

A little more stitching done on Wednesday night. I have a lot to do this weekend and I just want to sit and stitch all afternoon either Saturday or Sunday. The urge of the crochet hook is strong.

There are items to box up and prepare for shipping. There are dishes to wash and cookies to bake. There is laundry to do and floors to sweep and wash. There is kitty litter to clean and a tree to take down and put away. I must get the rest of my thank you notes written. Yet, all I'd like to do is stitch.

For some reason, I have the late Bob Ross' mantra, "Every day is better when you paint" stuck in my head. Of course, for me, it gets changed to, "Every day is better when you stitch".

Every day is better when I spend some time in crafts. I can get everything done. I just need to be methodical and not.....oh look! I can do that!

Beverage:  Rooibos Tea


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