Friday, January 25, 2013

It Might Be...It Could Be...It Is!


Winter storm "Khan" (Remember, the Weather Channel has named all the winter storms. Insert your best joke here.) has dropped an inch of white stuff on Chicagoland. The usually 10 minute drive took 30 this morning. Roads were not plowed nor salted. We knew this was coming. We have forgotten how to handle it?

This snow has come on the heels of the coldest weather in 2 years. It was -9 on Monday morning with a -25 wind chill. You know, it really didn't feel that cold. Maybe I'm just used to cold weather but I thought it was quite nice. It felt like January should feel.

I have been ever so grateful I went back to Iowa at Christmas and put on the new top. I cannot imagine how cold I would have been driving to and from the office with gaping holes in the top. Not to mention what kind of problems even an inch of snow would have caused to the inside of the Jeep. It's warm and toasty inside and, on Tuesday, when it was -2, I didn't use the heater on the way to work. It just didn't feel like I needed to.

Huzzah to the arrival of a wee bit of winter. The rumor is 55 on Tuesday but lots of rain. Hey, we need the moisture so I hope this melts straight into the ground. And no, I'm not shoveling. It's not worth it.

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  1. BRR.. Sounds like it is really cold there! It's hardly even cool enough to wear a sweater here in Alabama. We love to get snow but only see it every few years:( Saw your link over at Find a Friend Friday. You can find me @ Stay warm!
    Cathy C