Monday, January 14, 2013

More Growth

From the initial spurt of growth, the amaryllis has settled into a bit more each day. I forgot how tall these things get. The ones you can get at the dollar store are not as big as the ones from the plant stores. That I remember. I shall explain the stuff surrounding the amaryllis as it's in the photos. These things sort of describe who I am.

Thursday, January 10th.
 My 365 Word-a-day calendar.

I love words. I love language. I've been buying this calendar since 1980, yes, 1980. I cannot imagine my living room without it. I used to save the pages and try to use as many words as possible in sentences when I wrote my friends. Eventually, because some words, like "hydromancy" shown here, are not words I could fit into a reasonable sentence, the stack got to be years deep. Sensing frustration, I tossed the lot and haven't looked back. Some words make it into my vernacular. Some, I just acknowledge when I tear off the page in the morning. Normally, this calendar has a back stand but, in trying to pop that open, I broke it off. I'm going to have to prop this year's calendar against something. Oh well.

Friday, January 11th.
The pitcher behind the amaryllis is from one of my favorite antique pottery sets, Jewel Tea's Autumn Leaf. Jewel Tea used to be sold by door-to-door salesmen in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Think of it as similar to the Peapod or Schwan's service available in some places. The Autumn Leaf pattern was hugely popular in the 1930's and 1940's. What is visible is a water pitcher from my collection.

I've never had a house where the collection could be properly displayed or used. I've always wanted to give a party where everything I have could be properly utilized from the plates and cups to the covered baking dishes and the coffeepot (assuming I can remember how to make coffee in the thing).

I haven't collected anything in years. I used to ask for something every year. Storage is the problem and the boxes of Jewel Tea sit on shelves in the basement. Maybe some day...

Saturday, January 12th.
The milk glass cat dish that sits on a Jewel Tea covered casserole dish was a Christmas gift from my late best friend, Rita. It's a small candy dish. It really has no antique value and the lid is rather wobbly. She got it at a garage sale and it was a Christmas gift to me.

Why save it? Rita passed away in June of 2001. I don't have anything to remember her by other than the things she gave me and photographs. Time has blurred the memories of her and the things we shared. I keep the candy dish even though it's superfluous to my existence because it reminds me of her. "I saw this and I knew you had to have it," I remember her saying. I've never used it, but it sits there, reminding me of a time in my life when we called each other once a week, just to talk.

Sunday, January 13th.
Now that the amaryllis is getting taller, I have to step back to photograph it. That brings more of the background, the things on the walls, into the photo. I don't have enough wall space. Does anyone, really? I also haven't changed in decades what hangs on the walls.

The framed cat plate was given to me by a woman I used to know who lived in Canada. We met in an online book chat room and because fast friends. She went through a series of jobs before becoming a professional framer. This plate, with a cat asleep amongst books, was one of her first attempts at framing something different than a square.

I keep it because of the subject matter. A cat asleep amongst books. That sort of describes me. Cats and books. Life is good. The piece also reminds me of Margaret. She was vivacious, willing to take chances, gregarious. I am, by nature, reticent and quiet. It takes me a bit to become comfortable with new people. Margaret was not that way and I gravitated to her like a moth to flame. We drifted apart in 2003. I sometimes wonder what she's doing now.

Monday, January 14th.
Here's what it looked like this morning. I'm going to have to turn the container again. I also should water it tonight when I get home. It seems exceptionally happy in this location.

Beverage:  Darjeeling tea


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