Sunday, January 27, 2013

For a Crappy Night

We are in the midst of a winter storm. It hit Iowa overnight and this morning, coming up from the southwest, spreading pink across the radar like a bad dye job. We're under the storm warning until midnight. The air temperature hovers around the freezing point but the ground is cold so we're getting sleet which is freezing on contact. The salt truck has been by at least 3 times this afternoon.

It's not a night fit for man or beast, to paraphrase W.C. Fields. I spent the afternoon in bliss; a large black cat asleep in my lap, a brown cat asleep next to me, and "The Lord of the Rings:  Two Towers" on TV. I had plans but the need to have my lap all afternoon shattered those. Now night approaches, a soggy, cold, icy night and I'm a bit hungry. What to eat?

I had intended to finish dishes today. A batch here, let another batch soak, maybe blog or maybe crochet, but Pilchard had other ideas. So, technically, my window of 'wanting' to do dishes has evaporated. I really don't like doing them at night, which is why there are sometimes a couple days worth in the sink. It gets late and I'm not inclined and they won't get up and wash themselves so I'll just leave them. But I'm rather loathe to make more dishes. What can I eat to satisfy the hunger but not make a lot of dishes?

I went to the store on Friday after work. We had a big event planned for the evening in my WOW guild and those events always go much better when there is a snack and a beverage along for the ride. Ever since Christmas, when my mom's husband gave me some of his oranges, I've been wanting more. He buys the fruit boxes from the 4H kids who sell them as fund raisers. The oranges he shared with me were incredibly sweet and juicy and so tasty. A bowl of orange slices, now that's an unconventional raid snack but far better than nachos or white cheddar popcorn.

So, I head into the produce section and, what's this? Oh goodness! Tangelos. Tangelos are a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. You won't get me to eat a grapefruit but a tangelo, absolutely.

You can see they are more red-orange and bigger than an orange. They have a sweet tart flavor. The oranges I got are deliciously sweet while the tangelos are more tart. Tangelos peel like a dream. I really wish oranges had zippers. I know people who feel that peeling an orange is akin to a zen moment. It just frustrates me. Both contain a lot of vitamin C in a fashion that's better for you than juice. You won't find any high fructose corn syrup in these babies.

Tonight is citrus night. I might make a peanut butter sandwich later but for a crappy night, the intoxicating smell of citrus is in my kitchen and home office. It may be zen for some friends to peel these. It is zen for me to eat them.

Beverage:  Dr Pepper


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