Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Someone Knows You Very Well

I love when one of my gifts seems to define someone. Remember this project? Here's what it looked like framed, before I boxed it up to ship it.
I was so thrilled with how it came out. It's rustic but elegant. I get these things framed and I think, "Oh my. I really like this. Why am I giving it to x?"

I boxed this up and shipped it off. I never know, when I do these things, if they will be appreciated as much as I think, in my mind's eye, that they will. Well, the recipient of the above project, Daniel, was effusive in his thanks. He said he had coveted this piece and could not believe, when he opened the box, that here it actually was and framed, just for him. He doesn't quite know where to put it but promises a photo of it hanging on the wall when he does decide. I think the best praise for the piece came from one of his friends who saw it and said, "Wow. Someone knows you very well."

I've received feedback on 3 of the other 4 pieces sent out. Those were well received. One piece caused the recipient a bit of consternation as she didn't quite know what it was. That sort of bothered me because, at least to me, it seemed fairly obvious what it was. I have not heard from one other person about her gift.

Every gift given is presented with trepidation. Is it the right color or size? I followed his or her list. What if this isn't exactly what they thought they wanted? My taste and their taste aren't quite on the same page. Will they find this as special as I think it is? So, when something comes together and you find out a) that your friend reads your blog and b) that he actually wanted what I was making for him, it feels like the planets have aligned and all is right with the world. I really want to see it hanging on his wall. It would be nice to see it in person, but I'll be very content with a photo.

Merry Christmas, Daniel, dear friend. I'm thrilled you like it and, after 4.5 years, I think I can say I know you.

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  1. I think the nail is going into the wall over my bar/sideboard today! :D