Monday, December 31, 2012

Movies to Stitch By

Meredith sent me movies for Christmas.

On Saturday, I thought it was the perfect day to sit down and watch them. Pilchard has been complaining that she doesn't have my lap anymore. Movie watching is conducive to having cats in my lap. Plus, I can do cross-stitch and watch at the same time, sort of.

Now, I can't find the remote that works the DvD player. I have the TV and the digital converter box remotes, but the other remote that I have doesn't seem to work with the DvD player. I could probably watch these on my computer, but that's not the point. I put up my feet, grab my stitching and Pilchard settles down for an hour in my lap. Fortunately, there are enough things before the movie actually begins that I can push play on the machine and go sit down before the movie actually starts. At one point, I bought one of those "universal" remotes but could never get it to work properly with everything. So, there are some additions to the DvDs that I can't seem to access, like "making of", etc, because I can't figure out how to make the machine move the cursor sideways. I've got "play" and that's it. Oh well. At least I can play the movies.

Watching Brave was great because this was the movie I was watching with Pam in the theatre when the hurricane force winds came through the Chicagoland area back on July 1st. The movie stopped and started and stopped and started thanks to power outages. One part had no sound. Fortunately, it was a part that wasn't crucial to the movie's story. If you haven't seen it, I still recommend it.

To the right is what I got done while watching the movies. I hadn't seen Shrek the Third so I did actually spend more time watching that movie than I did with Brave. I enjoyed it but I don't think it's as funny as the first two. I guess I need to watch Shrek Forever After and Puss in Boots. I heard some good things about the Puss in Boots movie but can't place Shrek Forever After.

Having gotten that far with the stitching on Saturday, I spent yesterday finishing off the letter. Football is great for that. I really don't have to pay attention to the TV screen and it's just enough background noise to keep me going.
One more letter left and then I can finish assembly and move onto the next project. I'm thinking a Shrek or a Pixar marathon this coming weekend would be a good cross-stitch companion.

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