Friday, December 21, 2012

It's New Again

Prior to the computer dying, I was having some issues with it. It was running slow and it seemed to me some maintenance that I hadn't done since Labor Day was in order. Well, I needed to find the CD's containing my operating system. You can imagine the CDs I have, owing to my "packratitis". I have a spinning CD rack that's full and the two rack tower that's full. And there are two stacks, about 2 feet tall, of music CDs.

I also have a rack that has old games on it. In that rack, I found some of the OS CD's but the rest were at the bottom of one of the stacks of music. I also found system software for Macintosh circa 9.1. I'm pretty sure, since the OS is over 10.7 that I can toss those out.

Searching through the rack and the stacks yielded music I hadn't played in years. Looking at each CD, turning it over to read the back, produced so many memories. I probably had the music stored in the iTunes library on the dead hard drive but here's the original CD. Some were favorites from a long time ago. It's all jazz, although there's the Beach Boys Greatest Hits I remember I have.

One of my tasks, over this holiday weekend, will be to toss the CD's I don't want. I'm not going to add them to a give away bag. They'll just get tossed by the people on the receiving end. I wish there was a CD recycling program. I found a couple of unmarked CDs that look like I dragged them behind the Jeep on a drive home. I'm not sure what CD's could be recycled into other than art installations, but perhaps someone has come up with something.

Once I've sorted through the ones I don't think I need anymore, I'm organizing the music. My favorite Christmas CD, Manhattan Transfer's The Christmas Album, is somewhere on the rack and I can't find it because I didn't organize when I filled it. Well, I knew I wasn't organizing. At the time, it was about simply putting CD's some place where they'd be out of the way. I think the rack that held game CD's is now going to be for music.

This will be a great time to revisit CD's I love like the one on this post. Listening to this music will be like listening to it for the first time. I scrounged up some of my Christmas CD's, too. Yes, these will be very good this weekend.

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