Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh My!

I took the last cross-stitch of 2012 to JoAnn Fabrics to be framed. Amazingly, although I probably shouldn't be surprised, since it was December 1st, it will be done on or before December 15th. With luck, the recipient will have the cross-stitch under their tree BEFORE Christmas. Astounded, I am. 

As I was leaving the framing department, I passed this display. 

Now, I've been thinking of taking up my crochet hook. Look at what we have there. Iowa Hawkeyes/Pittsburg Steelers colors to be sure. Bears colors at the lower left and Packers colors at the upper right. They had Jets colors in a bin below this. I see Minnesota and the blue and red of the Cubs. The blue and gold of Michigan was below and the upper left is Vikings. 

I can see scarves, 4 feet long, in the team colors of everyone I know who actually roots for some sporting team. I don't know that I actually have a crochet scarf pattern, but something like that is bound to be easy to find on the Internets. I have a wide variety of sizes of crochet needles, too, so I'm sure to find just the right size to make the project go reasonably fast. 

Tempting. So, very, very tempting. I love cross-stitching, as you probably have guessed, but there is something to be said for revisiting an old hobby. I used to crochet, a lot, when I was in college. I vowed this month would be a month of not doing any cross-stitching. I would read instead. After seeing this, and I have a feeling this yarn is available all year 'round, I'm thinking my reading is of my craft magazines to plan who gets what next Christmas. I couldn't afford to buy any yarn until next month but I could plan. 

Is it a sign? 

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