Sunday, December 2, 2012

Refilled With Awesome

Friday, there was a box on my front step. As I'm expecting a few more Christmas gifts to arrive, this is not a surprise.

I know this box. It's another box of awesome from Meredith. She makes me laugh when I open it because there's all sorts of stuff stuck every which way in the box. There's one big package and a whole bunch of smaller ones, all wrapped in brightly colored paper.

I took them all out and put them "under" my tree. Pilchard is annoyed because this is where she sits. Well the other side of the table was covered with wrapped packages waiting to be packed and shipped. I have three to hand out tonight and then I can rearrange things so there's room for the cat under the tree. How do I know she's annoyed? Have you ever had a cat? You just know by the tone of the "meow". 

I just love Meredith's boxes of awesome. I actually have a few things to send to her so I refilled the box and it's going back. One of us is going to have to toss it, eventually. Right now, it's still very sturdy. 

She said I could open these but I can't. It's not Christmas. I want them tucked under my tree for the month. Usually there's nothing but the creche and a cat under the there. The tall tree with a skirt and nothing under it looks a little sad. This year, I decide on a small tree and I have so many presents, there's no room for the cat. I'll take that awesomeness. 

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